City Wide is looking for a select few sales executives interested in owning their own business and taking charge of their future. These are the high-level qualifications:

Professional Qualifications

  • No less than 10 years of business experience
  • Career experience in business to business
  • Middle management to C-level experience
  • Have at least 5 years of sales and 5 years of sales management experience
  • Leadership/Management of a professional team
  • Bottom line P&L responsibility
  • Strong relationship building and organizational skills

Behavioral Qualifications

  • Outgoing, expressive individuals with backgrounds like business development, sales, sales management, marketing, training, and recruiting
  • Proactive, results-oriented multitaskers who have a strong sense of urgency
  • Persuasive problem solvers who understand and enjoy helping people achieve their goals
  • Competitive, self-motivated, high-energy, money motivated
  • Possess the energy, charisma, and leadership skills to lead a team

Financial Qualifications

  • $500,000 net worth
  • $200,000 liquid

Success Stories

I have been blessed in my life. Sharing our business model with others, improving the lives of countless people, and providing 142 other families with the American dream we have built is a wonderful gift to share.

Jeff OddoPresident - City Wide Franchise

What I love about this business is I am doing the same thing I was doing in corporate America, but now I am building a business for myself. Repeat contracts, no hourly employees, no more travel, in control of my own destiny… somebody pinch me!

John DuffyOwner - City Wide Maintenance of Tampa Bay
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