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​Does Your Dream Start With City Wide?

The idea has been on your mind for a long time, but there have been too many doubts or unanswered questions to take a leap of faith. Now, finally, something has led you to dig deeper and understand the process to become a franchisee.

We felt those same feelings when we started our family business in 1961. Today, we have nearly 60 years of experience in the cleaning and building maintenance industry. Our business has become bigger than we could have ever dreamed back then, and now, we want to share this journey—and our knowledge—with you.

City Wide is looking for senior-level professionals who are interested in becoming franchise owners in the United States and Canada. If you have 10+ years of sales and management experience in corporate America, but want to do something much bigger for yourself, your family, and your community, we’d love to meet you.

We promise to take every step with you by providing franchisee training, giving you our full support, and making you feel like you are truly part of our family.

To learn more about the benefits of franchising with City Wide, check out our Steps to Ownership.

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Where Will Your Journey With Us Begin?

We all have our favorite destinations. Our favorite places to live. Sometimes we might even dream of starting over in a brand new city. Fortunately, City Wide has dozens of large, exclusive territories available all over the country. So whether you’re looking to start right where you are today, or you’re wanting to embark on an adventure in a new territory, we’re here to help guide which location will fit you best. Check out our Available Markets.

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Average Annual Unit Revenue


Total Startup Investment

$197,150 - $359,100

Net Worth Required

$500,000 ($200,000 liquid)

Customer Retention

Greater Than 85%

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Three Reasons to Own a City Wide Franchise

Financial Opportunity

The economic potential of City Wide is strong. Based on the earnings claim in Item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) City Wide makes a compelling business model. For individuals willing to work hard, follow the system, and build a team around them, income and wealth goals and aspirations can be achieved.

Proven Systems

The system at City Wide has been well-vetted and proven. City Wide has a model for success as a sales and management business operating in the building maintenance and commercial cleaning industry. We’re the professional link between clients and contractors for commercial buildings and their maintenance and janitorial needs. We invite you, during your Discovery Day, to see the franchise-owned operation in Kansas City. In addition to seeing the first location, founded in 1961, we welcome you to validate with our franchisees by asking them about their experience including their challenges and successes.

Serious Business Model

City Wide offers an opportunity to achieve your lifestyle goals in balancing professional and personal demands. There is no question your launch will require an all-in tenacious effort with strategic “deep dives” into every facet of the business. Building your sales and management team and succeeding through others is the ultimate opportunity that will meet your lifestyle goals while capturing your fair share of the market and building a sustainable legacy business.

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Success Stories

I have been blessed in my life. Sharing our business model with others, improving the lives of countless people, and providing 142 other families with the American dream we have built is a wonderful gift to share.

Jeff OddoPresident - City Wide Franchise

What I love about this business is I am doing the same thing I was doing in corporate America, but now I am building a business for myself. Repeat contracts, no hourly employees, no more travel, in control of my own destiny… somebody pinch me!

John DuffyOwner - City Wide Maintenance of Tampa Bay
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