In our annual, blind survey of our franchise owners, 100% of our franchisees responded positively to the following review questions:

Would City Wide franchisees recommend City Wide to prospective franchisees?

Our franchisees report they would recommend the City Wide franchise opportunity to prospective franchisees.

What kind of training support will I receive?

City Wide offers an onboarding plan that includes online training and coaching in preparation for in-person training, two weeks of intense classroom and hands-on training in Kansas City, and ongoing business coaching facilitated by a Business Performance Coach and a team of specialists. Franchisees positively report on the ongoing training and support they receive from City Wide Franchise.

How does City Wide protect and build the brand?

Based on the requirements outlined in the Franchise Disclosure Document, City Wide publishes minimum standards (System Standards) and higher level coaching benchmarks (Best Practices). Franchisees receive performance reports and stack ranking reports to protect and drive the brand. Our franchise owners report that City Wide Franchise encourages high standards of quality performance through the organization.

What is the growth potential with City Wide?

The Item 19 offers compelling metrics illustrating the growth potential. Our franchise owners respond positively to the potential for long-term growth at City Wide.

Is City Wide responsive and problem solving?

City Wide has an industry-leading ratio of support professionals to franchisees. Direct operational support personnel to franchisees is nine to one and total support personnel to franchisees is two to one. Our franchise owners all agreed City Wide Franchise responds in a timely manner to all questions and issues.

Success Stories

I have been blessed in my life. Sharing our business model with others, improving the lives of countless people, and providing 142 other families with the American dream we have built is a wonderful gift to share.

Jeff OddoPresident - City Wide Franchise

What I love about this business is I am doing the same thing I was doing in corporate America, but now I am building a business for myself. Repeat contracts, no hourly employees, no more travel, in control of my own destiny… somebody pinch me!

John DuffyOwner - City Wide Maintenance of Tampa Bay
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