Our History

In the 1950s, a young entrepreneur named Frank Oddo struggled to find reliable cleaners in the evenings at his family’s grocery store in Kansas City. Week after week, the disappointment was growing. Until 1961, when he decided to open his own local janitorial business.

For 35 years, Frank ran a successful cleaning company with a staff of in-house employees who performed the basics. With hard work, determination and commitment to growth, Frank grew to be one of the region’s largest cleaning services.

By 1995, a new door opened. Frank’s son, Jeff Oddo, took over as president. The following year, Jeff would transform his father’s janitorial company into a management company in the building maintenance industry that offered more than 20 different services through independent service providers rather than in-house employees.

Results soared! So much so, in 2003, Jeff started franchising the model in an effort to help others achieve the same kind of success he and his team were blessed with in Kansas City.

The rest is history!

Jeff’s new franchise business model allowed City Wide to achieve the following:

  • 1961- 1995: 26 years to grow annual revenues from zero to $3 million
  • 1995-2019: 24 years to grow annual revenues from $3 million to over $300 million
  • Focus on sales and the client experience
  • Partner with professional independent contractors who provide the people, the equipment and expertise

Today, the Home Office in Kansas City is still in operation and serves as a research and development arm as well as the training site for all new City Wide franchise owners. City Wide has grown exponentially across the country – more than 35% sold out!

Success Stories

Having had the opportunity to be part of the City Wide Home Office, selling City Wide for eight years, I would share this view: My advice is simple on how you can be a success owning a City Wide Franchise. First, find a great partner with a work ethic you admire. Keep the message simple and be relentless at sales. Find the spot where you are uncomfortable and be there often. Choose to do the work in sales because it is difficult. This is where you will find both a passion for the business model and an addiction.

success story of Jennifer Slansky Jennifer SlanskyCo-Owner, City Wide of Portland, a woman-owned business

Much like the saying, “dreams come true, not free,” City Wide offered me the opportunity to chase a dream to build a business for my family though hard work and perseverance. The fruits of that hard work have not only created a profitable and growing family legacy business but, more importantly, the platform for us to improve the quality of life of our employees’ families as well as to give back in a meaningful way to our middle Tennessee community. The ceiling is high for those who want to chase their dream

success story of Tim Akers Tim AkersOwner – City Wide Maintenance of Nashville

Jeff and I saw firsthand through my work for City Wide Franchise Corporate how this business can provide real wealth opportunities for us; there is no greater endorsement than a former employee who decides to buy a franchise from the company! With City Wide, we get to make a difference in our community, not just for ourselves and our family, but for our clients and our team. The work is rewarding because we believe in what we are doing for our clients every day.

success story of Meredith Cimino Meredith Cimino Co-Owner, City Wide Maintenance of Omaha

What appealed to us about City Wide was the opportunity to work together and build a family business. No corporate bosses, no long distance travel, and the freedom to be there for our children when we want. Personal effort is directly rewarded with results and as you grow you get to share that success with an ever-growing team of direct staff, independent contractors, and happy clients.

success story of Alan Matheson Alan MathesonCo-Owner – City Wide of Central Pennsylvania

I fell in love with the Home Office team. I believed in the concept of the model. I loved the team’s professionalism, enthusiasm, integrity, ethics and, most importantly, family values. When we left [Discovery Day] I was scared we would not be selected. We were so excited when we got the call that we had been. It has been the best decision we have ever made for our family.

success story of Naila Matheson Naila MathesonCo-Owner – City Wide of Central Pennsylvania
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