City Wide Welcomes Six New Seasoned Entrepreneurs With Ownership Changes

City Wide’s franchise system boasts motivated franchisees, determined to take control of their destinies and grow their businesses in a $100 billion industry. Recently, several offices have seen new changes in ownership, with three locations welcoming a total of six seasoned entrepreneurs and business professionals:

o   Jeff Erickson and Meredith Cimino (Omaha, Nebraska)

o   Stuart Moyer (San Antonio, Texas)

o   Trina and David Petrash, joined by Antonio Rivera (Tucson, Arizona)

The building maintenance franchise system is proud to support franchisees from all walks of life. The diverse backgrounds of these new owners have immensely prepared each individual to take the reins and incorporate their sales and management expertise, maximizing the effectiveness of services.

Partners Jeff Erickson and Meredith Cimino bring 30 years of management, sales, and experience as a business performance coach with City Wide Maintenance in Kansas City, helping franchisees run their offices effectively. The new owners will continue to make a name for City Wide, using their knowledge of the industry to continue the franchise’s growth.

“For years I’ve coached City Wide owners on how to best operate their business…now I can take that knowledge and use it to grow a business of my own,” said Cimino. “The City Wide location in Omaha has already earned a great reputation in the building maintenance industry, and we’re looking forward to growing this as we prioritize being a local resource for the commercial building maintenance industry.”

Stuart Moyer, a seasoned entrepreneur and business professional, has taken ownership of the San Antonio office. Joining City Wide’s home office in September 2010, he’s spent nearly eight years developing a strong understanding of the property management franchise before moving to the San Antonio market. Switching from the franchise’s senior director of sales position to the president of San Antonio’s office team, Moyer aims to further reinforce the company’s business operations and strengthen new and existing client relationships.

“This industry is all about being an effective listener and anticipating your clients’ needs; it’s my guiding principle,” said Moyer. “I’m thrilled for my next journey with City Wide and I’m confident this move will have a positive ripple effect on my team and the San Antonio business community.”

New owners Trina and David Petrash have teamed up with Antonio Rivera to lead the City Wide of Southern Arizona office. The three offer highly esteemed service backgrounds, with Trina leading as a 20-year Army veteran who served as a chemical officer, David as a nuclear engineer onboard submarines in the U.S. Navy with more than 25 years of sales and sales management experience, and Rivera as a Purple Heart recipient, serving more than eight years in the U.S. Army with three tours in Iraq. Their backgrounds together have equipped them well for their roles.

“We’re confident our location will benefit the independent contractors in our company and the businesses we serve,” said Rivera.

Over more than 55 years, City Wide Maintenance has grown from just a janitorial company into a booming franchise committed to local facility maintenance overseen by expert business professionals. With more than 50 locations across the country and counting, City Wide offers key opportunities for franchisees with strong sales and management experience to make a name for themselves.

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I have been blessed in my life. Sharing our business model with others, improving the lives of countless people, and providing 142 other families with the American dream we have built is a wonderful gift to share.

Jeff OddoPresident - City Wide Franchise

What I love about this business is I am doing the same thing I was doing in corporate America, but now I am building a business for myself. Repeat contracts, no hourly employees, no more travel, in control of my own destiny… somebody pinch me!

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