City Wide of Metro Atlanta Principals Drive Record Growth in First Year

City Wide of Metro Atlanta, is excited to report record growth in its first year under new ownership. Under the leadership of Principals Jeremy Wood and David Otis, the enterprise has achieved 158% sales and a retention rate of 97%, resulting in a tripling of overall company revenue by its first anniversary.

Partners Jeremy Wood and David Otis acquired City Wide of Metro Atlanta from City Wide Franchise in August 2012. Both partners had extensive industry experience with sales and operations, and were able to effect a smooth transition for current clients and create a solid foundation for rapid growth.

Otis drives sales for the company, and will be named to the City Wide Franchise national sales team’s Achiever’s Club in 2013.

“Jeremy and David are natural leaders and have made an excellent team. Their ability to achieve rapid sales growth while maintaining strong account retention gives them a solid foundation for future growth,” said Jeff Oddo, President of City Wide Maintenance.

Wood is confident that their second year will be stronger than the first. “We are focusing in on operations, reinforcing our account management team and continuing to improve the quality service we deliver to our clients,” Wood said.


Success Stories

I feel very blessed to be part of this business. The thing that is amazing about this franchise model and system that I don’t think any of us foresaw was the scaleability. The scaleability makes all the difference. This is everything I liked about corporate America without all the micromanagement that I hated. You can listen to our Franchisee “Z” Call where I discuss this and more by clicking on this YouTube link:

success story of David Otis David OtisCity Wide Facility Solutions operating in Metro Atlanta

Much like the saying, “dreams come true, not free,” City Wide offered me the opportunity to chase a dream to build a business for my family though hard work and perseverance. The fruits of that hard work have not only created a profitable and growing family legacy business but, more importantly, the platform for us to improve the quality of life of our employees’ families as well as to give back in a meaningful way to our middle Tennessee community. The ceiling is high for those who want to chase their dream.

success story of Tim Akers Tim AkersCity Wide Facility Solutions operating in Nashville, TN

Jeff and I saw firsthand through my work for City Wide Franchise Corporate how this business can provide real wealth opportunities for us; there is no greater endorsement than a former employee who decides to buy a franchise from the company! With City Wide, we get to make a difference in our community, not just for ourselves and our family, but for our clients and our team. The work is rewarding because we believe in what we are doing for our clients every day.

success story of Meredith Cimino Erickson Meredith Cimino EricksonCity Wide Facility Solutions operating in Omaha, NE

What appealed to us about City Wide was the opportunity to work together and build a family business. No corporate bosses, no long distance travel, and the freedom to be there for our children when we want. Personal effort is directly rewarded with results and as you grow you get to share that success with an ever-growing team of direct staff, independent contractors, and happy clients.

success story of Alan Matheson Alan MathesonCity Wide Facility Solutions operating in Central Pennsylvania

I fell in love with the Home Office team. I believed in the concept of the model. I loved the team’s professionalism, enthusiasm, integrity, ethics and, most importantly, family values. When we left [Discovery Day] I was scared we would not be selected. We were so excited when we got the call that we had been. It has been the best decision we have ever made for our family.

success story of Naila Matheson Naila MathesonCity Wide Facility Solutions operating in Central Pennsylvania
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