City Wide Launches 40th Franchise Location

City Wide is proud to announce the achievement of a major growth milestone. This past month, we launched our 40th franchise location, which will serve commercial properties throughout the greater Milwaukee area. This 40th location marks 50 percent coverage of the United States for City Wide.

The location will be owned and operated by local entrepreneurial couple Robby and Sandi Armstrong. The Armstrongs bring more than two decades of successful sales, marketing, and business management experience with various Fortune 100 companies. The couple chose to invest in City Wide because of the brand’s strong values, proven business model, and supportive leadership team.

City Wide of Milwaukee is our 10th franchise location in the Midwest, joining existing offices in Indiana, Kansas City, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Ohio. We have 12 available Midwestern markets that we are looking to fill this year, including cities in Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

The launch of City Wide’s 40th franchise location is indicative of the momentum we have achieved in the past 12 months. New offices opened in markets such as Los Angeles, Detroit, Portland, and Chicago, which showcases our dynamic ability to grow into major metropolitan areas with talented franchisees.

Additionally, due to having such expansive franchise territories, we have now reached 50 percent capacity. With more than half of our available markets sold, prospective franchisees will only have access to one of our remaining 40 franchise territories.

We are excited to continue building on the momentum we have achieved as we approach a new year. If you are interested in learning more about how you can become part of the City Wide family, please visit:


Success Stories

Having had the opportunity to be part of the City Wide Home Office, selling City Wide for eight years, I would share this view: My advice is simple on how you can be a success owning a City Wide Franchise. First, find a great partner with a work ethic you admire. Keep the message simple and be relentless at sales. Find the spot where you are uncomfortable and be there often. Choose to do the work in sales because it is difficult. This is where you will find both a passion for the business model and an addiction.

success story of Jennifer Slansky Jennifer SlanskyCo-Owner, City Wide of Portland, a woman-owned business

Much like the saying, “dreams come true, not free,” City Wide offered me the opportunity to chase a dream to build a business for my family though hard work and perseverance. The fruits of that hard work have not only created a profitable and growing family legacy business but, more importantly, the platform for us to improve the quality of life of our employees’ families as well as to give back in a meaningful way to our middle Tennessee community. The ceiling is high for those who want to chase their dream

success story of Tim Akers Tim AkersOwner – City Wide Maintenance of Nashville

Jeff and I saw firsthand through my work for City Wide Franchise Corporate how this business can provide real wealth opportunities for us; there is no greater endorsement than a former employee who decides to buy a franchise from the company! With City Wide, we get to make a difference in our community, not just for ourselves and our family, but for our clients and our team. The work is rewarding because we believe in what we are doing for our clients every day.

success story of Meredith Cimino Meredith Cimino Co-Owner, City Wide Maintenance of Omaha

What appealed to us about City Wide was the opportunity to work together and build a family business. No corporate bosses, no long distance travel, and the freedom to be there for our children when we want. Personal effort is directly rewarded with results and as you grow you get to share that success with an ever-growing team of direct staff, independent contractors, and happy clients.

success story of Alan Matheson Alan MathesonCo-Owner – City Wide of Central Pennsylvania

I fell in love with the Home Office team. I believed in the concept of the model. I loved the team’s professionalism, enthusiasm, integrity, ethics and, most importantly, family values. When we left [Discovery Day] I was scared we would not be selected. We were so excited when we got the call that we had been. It has been the best decision we have ever made for our family.

success story of Naila Matheson Naila MathesonCo-Owner – City Wide of Central Pennsylvania
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