City Wide Announces Rebranding Efforts with Name Change and New Logo

City Wide, the nation’s leading management company in the building maintenance industry, has finalized a rebrand in advance of its upcoming 60-year anniversary. The brand has changed its name from City Wide Maintenance to City Wide Facility Solutions and completely updated its logo and branding.

City Wide Facility Solutions is a strategic name change for the company to show it does more than manage janitorial and other commercial maintenance services – it provides solutions to the issues clients face at their facilities. It also reflects the high level of professionalism the brand strives for when creating long-term relationships with clients. With nearly 70 locations across the U.S. and Canada and the management of more than 20 interior and exterior facility services, the brand is on track to have another record year in systemwide revenues, with projected revenues of more than $360,000,000.

The mission of City Wide is to create a ripple effect by positively impacting the people and communities it serves. It is the vision of the company to become “The First Choice” for franchise owners, employees, clients, independent contractors and vendors. The new corporate name, logo and corresponding messaging better tell the story of City Wide and these philosophies.

“The foundation we have built for the brand is strong. But, we’re no longer the same janitorial company my father started,” said Jeff Oddo, CEO and owner of City Wide Franchise. “This new name and logo prove we are constantly growing and keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s happening around us. And while you can still count on the trustworthy partnerships you have come to expect from City Wide, this rebrand exemplifies we are confident in our future as we continue to be a solution clients can depend on for the next 60 years.”

City Wide Maintenance began as a traditional janitorial service company in 1961, founded by Mr. Frank Oddo. In the six decades City Wide has been in business, it has continued to evolve and adapt to better serve its clients. When Mr. Oddo’s second son, Jeff Oddo, stepped in as president 24 years ago, he changed the model from a traditional janitorial company to a sales and management company focused on the building maintenance industry, with the ability to manage more than 20 different commercial maintenance services. In 2001, City Wide began franchising its business model. As the company prepares to celebrate 60 years in business in 2021, this rebrand is an ode to its roots as well as a look into the future of the brand.


Success Stories

I feel very blessed to be part of this business. The thing that is amazing about this franchise model and system that I don’t think any of us foresaw was the scaleability. The scaleability makes all the difference. This is everything I liked about corporate America without all the micromanagement that I hated. You can listen to our Franchisee “Z” Call where I discuss this and more by clicking on this YouTube link:

success story of David Otis David OtisCity Wide Facility Solutions operating in Metro Atlanta

Much like the saying, “dreams come true, not free,” City Wide offered me the opportunity to chase a dream to build a business for my family though hard work and perseverance. The fruits of that hard work have not only created a profitable and growing family legacy business but, more importantly, the platform for us to improve the quality of life of our employees’ families as well as to give back in a meaningful way to our middle Tennessee community. The ceiling is high for those who want to chase their dream.

success story of Tim Akers Tim AkersCity Wide Facility Solutions operating in Nashville, TN

Jeff and I saw firsthand through my work for City Wide Franchise Corporate how this business can provide real wealth opportunities for us; there is no greater endorsement than a former employee who decides to buy a franchise from the company! With City Wide, we get to make a difference in our community, not just for ourselves and our family, but for our clients and our team. The work is rewarding because we believe in what we are doing for our clients every day.

success story of Meredith Cimino Erickson Meredith Cimino EricksonCity Wide Facility Solutions operating in Omaha, NE

What appealed to us about City Wide was the opportunity to work together and build a family business. No corporate bosses, no long distance travel, and the freedom to be there for our children when we want. Personal effort is directly rewarded with results and as you grow you get to share that success with an ever-growing team of direct staff, independent contractors, and happy clients.

success story of Alan Matheson Alan MathesonCity Wide Facility Solutions operating in Central Pennsylvania

I fell in love with the Home Office team. I believed in the concept of the model. I loved the team’s professionalism, enthusiasm, integrity, ethics and, most importantly, family values. When we left [Discovery Day] I was scared we would not be selected. We were so excited when we got the call that we had been. It has been the best decision we have ever made for our family.

success story of Naila Matheson Naila MathesonCity Wide Facility Solutions operating in Central Pennsylvania
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