• City Wide Celebrates New Openings and Signed Agreements

    Now in more cities and growing faster than ever, City Wide is an attractive franchising opportunity for those interested in a proven commercial building maintenance concept. City Wide is excited to celebrate upcoming openings and signed agreements, serving commercial properties throughout communities coast to coast. 


  • Presidents of City Wide Maintenance of City San Diego Share Insight from First Twelve Years

    When we reflect on our last 12 years in business, we would tell ourselves to put a larger focus on selecting independent contractors that share your values. If you really put a focus on listening to independent contractors’ struggles, you can have relationships for years to come.


  • Meet the Franchisees: Pat and Kara Hunt, City Wide of Northern New Jersey

    Why is City Wide a fantastic franchise opportunity? Don’t take it from us, read on as a satisfied franchisee duo describe their experience with the brand thus far, as well their backgrounds and what led them to City Wide. Meet Pat and Kara Hunt, the owners of City Wide of Northern New Jersey.


  • Franchisees in Portland Share Lessons and Successes from First Three Years in Business

    The best part about running our City Wide office is the flexibility it allows us to balance our work with our family. 


  • City Wide Renews Mid-Year Goal to Reach Top 100 Brand Status

    Now in more cities than ever, City Wide is an especially attractive franchising opportunity for those interested in a proven sales and management concept. And while the brand is expanding rapidly in markets across the country, there’s some big growth happening within the system itself as well.


  • City Wide Maintenance of South Carolina Reflects on the Past Eight Years

    If you could tell your 1-year-in-business self anything from your 8-year business self, what would it be?

    Looking back on the last eight years, if there is one thing I wish I had done earlier on it would be to follow the City Wide business model more aggressively in the beginning. Don’t make it more difficult for yourself by trying to do things “your way” based off of past professional experiences. The business model City Wide is based on works, and when followed correctly success is the natural outcome.