• Looking Back at 2017… and Forward to 2018

    It’s been a busy year for City Wide Franchise! Not only have we continued to endear our brand further into the nearly 50 business communities we were already serving at the beginning of the year, but we also opened seven new City Wide locations across the country in 2017, pushing us well across the 50 locations milestone! 


  • Meet the Founder: Frank Oddo

    One of the distinct benefits of joining the City Wide Franchise system is the opportunity to work alongside experienced men and women with decades of business ownership, leadership, and community knowledge. At the core of City Wide’s mission are its values, which influence everything from internal communication to policies and programs. Founder Frank Oddo, whose impact can still be felt throughout daily operations, set these in place.


  • Central Maryland’s Tom Grem Reflects on Past Six Years with City Wide

    If you could tell your 1-year-in-business self anything from your 6-year-in-business self, what would it be?

    City Wide’s model works – don’t doubt it.  The challenges you face early on can, and must, be met.  You will get smarter and better.  Find quality help today that you won’t need until tomorrow and see if you can share your vision so it can be embraced.


  • City Wide Maintenance of Nashville Shines Light on the Past 10 Years of Operation

    It’s a marathon, not a sprint. The tough part is that when you start out, you think everything is a sprint. You want to sign customers fast and hire a staff quickly, but owning a business isn’t about speed, it’s about endurance.


  • City Wide Celebrates New Openings and Signed Agreements

    As an increasing number of entrepreneurs across the country are quickly realizing, City Wide is an attractive franchising opportunity for those interested in a proven sales and management concept. City Wide is excited to celebrate recent and upcoming openings and signed agreements, serving commercial properties throughout communities coast to coast.


  • City Wide of Boston Shines Light on the Past Eight Years of Operation

    Utilize the knowledge and expertise of fellow Franchisees and business owners outside of the franchise system. It’s only a phone call away and many people don’t make the effort or think it will produce something meaningful for them, but you might be surprised how others’ learning can impact you and your business.