Building Maintenance Industry

Building maintenance is a more than $100 billion industry that is plagued by mediocre service companies. City Wide offers a professional approach to building maintenance by managing our client’s vendors rather than just providing another service.

The building maintenance industry offers:
•    Annual contracts that provide repeat/compounding revenue
•    An enormous market where every commercial building is a potential client
•    A scalable model with no hourly employees
•    More than 20 ways to open a door to new business

We Play a Step Above – Why choose a franchise with one service to offer when you can play at a higher level and manage them all?

City Wide Management Model


What I love about this business is that I am doing the same thing I was doing in corporate America but now I am building a business for myself. Repeat contracts, no hourly employees, no more travel, in control of my own destiny... somebody pinch me!

John Duffy
City Wide Franchisee
Tampa, FL